Date Night Gone Awry

As explained in our Date Night Policy post, Pete and I take turns planning monthly dates for each other. September was Pete’s month and he planned his date for this past Saturday.

Pete’s plan was for us to attend a Fall Wine Festival at a local vineyard called Old York Cellars. The festival sounded amazing…live music, food, craft vendors, hayrides, bee tours, and of course, wine tasting.

wine tasting(source)

The festival was slated to start at noon, but unexpectedly our plans went awry.

For the past month, I’ve had to wear a heart monitor. It was recommended by my cardiologist in attempt to determine why I have occasional palpitations. The monitor attached to my body in three locations with electrodes, looking thusly:


Unfortunately, my body did not respond well to the monitor and I developed a rash after about a week. Three weeks in, the rash was so bad that I no longer had locations to place the electrodes (which had to be replaced every 48 hours). My cardiologist determined that I could take the monitor off.

When I woke up Saturday, the rash was so out of control that Pete and I decided I had to go to a walk in medical clinic. There, I was given a shot of steroids, oral steroid medication to take for a week, and an oral antihistamine. Yikes. I’ve been restricted from the gym (hence no workout talks for the past few weeks) and have my follow up appointment with the cardiologist this Thursday. I just hope the rash subsides and that the doctor got the necessary information from the three weeks I wore it.

Anyway- the trip to the medical center caused us to miss the fall festival. We decided we are going to do either two small October dates or one big October date to make up for it.

Instead, we went appliance shopping (more on this tomorrow, but here’s a little preview!)


And out to dinner to California Pizza Kitchen afterwards. We had a Living Social deal for $10 off a $40 purchase.

I went with a new pizza called the Garlic Chicken Pizza.


Loved it! And it made great leftovers the next day.

Pete had a Spicy Chipotle Chicken Pizza.


It reminded me of a spicy salsa atop a pizza- really tasty and had a kick to it!

To end our meal, we went with the Butter Cake dessert.


This is one of my alltime favorite desserts, discovered by my friend Lauri and I. It’s a moist cake with a cheesecake layer on the top and a crispy sugar layer on the bottom. Topped with vanilla Haagen Dazs- oooo my lord!

We had a great time despite missing the festival and spending hours at the medical clinic. Health comes first though!

See you tomorrow with some more info about our appliance shopping 🙂

Have you ever had great plans go awry?

Do you and your significant other take turns planning dates?


6 thoughts on “Date Night Gone Awry

  1. Hope everything works out! Those pizzas look divine!

    We have had a couple plans to out the window use to health issues so we have learned to roll with the punches but it still drives me crazy when I’ve looked forward to something for so long! At least you have plans to retake your dates!

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