From Ivory to Stainless

Our new appliances have arrived! Woot woot!

When we moved into the house, there were four mismatched ivory appliances.

PicMonkey Collage

A Magic Chef oven, Maytag microwave, Fridgidaire refrigerator, and a Maytag dishwasher,

I wouldn’t say there was anything wrong with them (other then the fridge turning into a freezer) but there’s definitely something about getting brand new appliances. Just the idea of having taken over appliances that had belonged to someone else is a bit skeevy…especially because I was never able to get them as clean as I would’ve liked. Anyhow, onto the new ones!

Lovin the sleek new look of our side by side Whirlpool fridge.


So happy we went with this choice. When you open the door, the light slowly appears, illuminating tons of space!


My favorite piece by far is the range.


The cast iron grates are amazingly durable, the fifth burner is a definite bonus, and I’ve already started using the convection feature on the oven.

Our new microwave fits atop the range.


Also shown to the right is our new dishwasher. I like how it has the utensil holder on the door, giving more room in the two drawers for other items.


The picture below shows a view of all four appliances.


So happy with our purchases. Love how the blue lights match on the fridge, range, and microwave. And the black trim all coordinates, even with our stainless steel garbage can (not pictured). It really all came together and we couldn’t be happier.

Stay tuned for a more in depth kitchen tour later this week, complete with our ideas for the future. Have a great week!

What color appliances do you prefer? 

Any tips on cleaning stainless steel?


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