A Brioso Birthday

On Saturday night, my family and I celebrated my dad’s birthday!


Our crew included Pete and I, my parents, my bro, and my sister and her hubby. We went to an Italian restaurant called Brioso in Marlboro, NJ. Upon arrival, we sat outside for a bit (we were early for our reservation) and took some family pics.


They had a tomato plant growing right outside, which was pretty cool.


Might’ve snagged a couple, but they weren’t ripe yet ;).

Once our full party had arrived and were seated, we were served bread and fava beans.


The pizza bread was particularly yummy.

Several appetizers were ordered for the table, including zucchini flowers…


…and buffalo mozzarella.


We shared the apps with wine we had brought and enjoyed conversation about our favorite television shows. Anyone else watching Blacklist right now?

Soon after, our meals arrived. My bro was certainly ready to dig in!


I had ordered a rigatoni vodka.


Unfortunately the pasta was very al dente. It just wasn’t working for me and I didn’t end up eating much. Instead, I picked off my mom’s meal (gnocchi- yum!) and took pics with my hubs.



A few desserts followed, which I snagged a couple of bites of.


And we toasted to another year. Happy birthday, Dad!

Have you been to any good Italian restaurants lately?


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