DIY: Wood Staining

Something I’ve seen often in the DIY world is wood staining. It seemed easy enough, but I’m usually not comfortable trying projects until I’ve seen them in action. Well, I happened to be at the right place at the right time last weekend, as my parents were in the process of wood staining their fireplace mantle.

Recently they changed their fireplace facade from brick to marble.


My uncle, who is a carpenter, built them a mantle out of oak wood.


He came over on Saturday to stain the wood and taught me the process. Let’s start with your first set of supplies.


All you really need is the stain, sponge brushes, white staining pads, and gloves.


Brush the stain directly onto the wood liberally.


Apply your brush strokes in the direction of the wood grain.


Make sure there are no bubbles and that you’ve evenly applied the coats.

Once applied, use a white cloth (or cheesecloth) to wipe it down.


I even got to try :).


Wait about 24 hours before applying a polyurethane protection. My uncle suggests using Wipe-On Poly.


First, he sands the wood with a 220 sandpaper. Then, apply the poly using the same pads. My uncle suggests pouring it onto the cloth, not the wood, and then wiping it on evenly.

Very simple and actually quick to complete. Glad I got a lesson, because I would definitely feel comfortable staining on my own now.

Have you ever stained wood before? Any pointers to add to the post?


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