Kitchen Tour

When I shared the pics of our new appliances earlier this week, it got me thinking that I’ve never really done a “kitchen tour” type of post. Well, no time like the present! Our kitchen is on the smaller side, yet we have some ideas we’re considering to maximize the space as much as possible. Enjoy the tour and please share your thoughts in the comments!

Let’s start with a view of pretty much the entire kitchen.


All that is missing from the above photo is the pantry, which is to the right of the refrigerator.


Also not pictured was the garbage can, which is seen in the below view of our half wall that separates the kitchen and dining room.


We also have a little breakfast nook area against the main window.

IMG_4469Table, chairs, and cushions from Pier 1

We’re considering making the window ledge into a cushioned bench seat, similar to the inspiration photo below.


I’m undecided about this idea as of yet. Considering the limited space, I don’t know how practical it is. Plus it’s only the two of us, which makes it less of a necessity.


We’d have to further pull the table out from against the wall, which would interfere with kitchen walking space.

Another change we are considering is some open shelving. When we got our house inspected, the inspector informed us that it is no longer law to display the fire extinguisher. As you can see, it is attached to the wall to the left of the cabinet.


It’s presence basically left this entire section of wall blank, which is precious cabinet space.


Instead of getting another cabinet installed, which I’m sure would be expensive to match, create, and install, we’re thinking open shelving is the way to go. We’ve been scouring Pinterest and have decided we like the look of floating shelves best.


What we’re not sure of is color. I love the look seen above, but we don’t have white cabinets and a dark backsplash. So what do we do? Match the wood? Go white? There’s still much to decide. Luckily, my carpenter uncle is doing some investigating on that front for us.

Then, of course, there’s always the thought of backsplash and countertops. One advantage to having a smaller kitchen is that the cost of granite and tile backsplash would be significantly reduced due to the smaller area. We know we love tile backsplash and it’s definitely on our future DIY list. Countertops however…we haven’t really thought much about. Sure, we’d love granite (who wouldn’t?) but we also don’t mind our current countertops at all.

Welp, thanks for following us on our current and potential kitchen journey. We’d love to hear your input on our ideas or any others you think would work in our space!


5 thoughts on “Kitchen Tour

  1. Love that little breakfast nook. My boyfriend and I’s apartment is quite small and it is only the two of us aswell so doing something like that would be good. I do like your idea of switching it to a window seat too though as that’s something I’ve always wanted to have 🙂

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