House Projects Weekend

Saturday was one of those days where we tackled lots of little projects around the house that needed tending to. And when I say “we”, I mean Pete, my dad, and my brother-in-law Jimmy. They worked, I baked cookies ;).

IMG_4549pumpkin snickerdoodle recipe coming Friday

The first project for the guys was a drainage pipe on our front lawn.Β When we moved in, the pipe was uncovered. We couldn’t simply put a lid on it because the grooves were worn down. So the guys had to dig it out, saw it down, and fit it with a new lid. Otherwise we could have water backing up into the house. No thanks!


They actually finished that project in no time!

Pete had to water the grass after digging around the pipe, and the fellas noticed the hose was leaking. Back to Home Depot it was to get a hose leak kit.


That job actually took the longest, but in the long run worked out. Now we no longer have to keep a bucket underneath our hose- score!

Finally, we had the guys look at our windows. I like to describe out windows as having a vintage appeal. They have black frames and I’m pretty sure are original to the 1985 house. But I love the way they look. Doesn’t mean they’re entirely functional though.


Two of the window are not opening/staying open. Unfortunately due to their age, there was nothing to be done, despite the efforts. It’s not a huge problem, we have plenty of other windows to open when it’s nice out. But we definitely know that replacing the windows will one day be a project…and a big expense. Ugh, the joys of being a homeowner!

Did you do any projects around the house this weekend?


5 thoughts on “House Projects Weekend

  1. still sad no snickerdoodle cookies were sent home with Jimmy 😦 I heard they were delish πŸ™‚

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