Walk to End Alzheimer’s

If you’ve read my About page, you know the story of my grandparents moving from Italy to America and starting the roots of my family in Brooklyn, NY. You also know that my grandparents have both since passed away. What you do not know is that we lost my grandma (nonna) a year ago to Alzheimer’s disease.


The disease is genetic and the many women in my family fear we will have the same fate as nonna. Therefore, we stay current on our research and do what we can to support the Alzheimer’s cause and the fight for a cure. One such thing was participating in an Alzheimer’s Walk on Sunday that took place in Princeton, NJ.

I arrived at the walk early and walked around to take some pictures. I got a cool shot of the starting line with the balloon banner before anyone was lined up to walk.


Once my family members arrived, we checked in and got our t-shirts.

My mom, sister, and I took a photo in front of a banner which thanks all of our friends and family members for supporting the cause and donating to the association.


A total of 21 people in my family joined together to create Team Nonna in support of my grandmother.


Together, we raised $2,965 for the Alzheimer’s Association. That is an incredible feat!

Soon the 3 mile walk began.


We all tackled the miles together with smiles on our faces, carrying our support flowers.

The flowers came in different colors, each representing something different. Purple was for walking in honor of someone. Yellow was for being a caregiver. Orange was that you supported the cause. And blue represented those who have the disease. My sister and I proudly walked with our purple and orange flowers.


It was great to be with my family, especially my mother and her three sisters. I could never imagine losing my mother, and the fact that they stick together though everything is truly admirable.


I’m so happy I got to participate in this walk with everyone, all the while supporting a cause that is extremely prevalent to our family.

What is a foundation/cause that is very close to your heart?


5 thoughts on “Walk to End Alzheimer’s

  1. Beautiful picture of nonna, I miss her so much. We have to raise more money next year and hope to one day eradicate that dreadul disease that took away nonnas ability to recognize her children and grandchildren. xoxo mom

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