Autumn Home Decor

A couple of weeks later than I would’ve liked, but our fall decor is finally in full swing! It all came together when Pete and I went to a local farm over the weekend to pick up a pumpkin and some gourds.


After finding the perfect one…


…we headed home to set up our outdoor decor.


We had a hale of bay remaining from when we planted grass seed. Our lovely pumpkin was placed on top of the bale.


Opposite the bale is the vintage wine barrel that Pete and I purchased from The Golden Nugget flea market over the summer.


Atop the barrel is a lantern that I purchased from Pier 1 filled with gourds. (similar)


Love how it came out!

There’s not much going on inside the house. Our dining room table has a burgundy colored table runner.


On top is a pumpkin candle holder (similar). Both items are from Pier 1.


I also have some fall towels hanging over the oven handle. Towels are also from Pier 1 (similar).


In the future, I’d really love to decorate our mantle for fall. Right now it just has picture frames.


I’m thinking since this is our first fall in the house, I’m going to wait until after the season is over and then do some Pier 1 shopping when the items are discounted. In addition to the mantle, I’m on the hunt for a fall wreath. Hopefully I can get that on discount as well.

Hope you enjoyed our decor. Tell us how you’ve decorated your house for fall!


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