Impromptu Football Sunday

Pete and I are not the type of people who keep “extra” food in the house. What I mean by that is we buy what we need and really not much else. It helps us avoid mindless snacking, and also helps to not waste money on food that goes bad. However, one thing I’ve been noticing is that when we decide last minute to have guests over, I tend to go in a frenzy over not having anything on hand to serve. This is something I’ve been working on changing.

Yesterday, Pete called me on his way home from playing football to tell me he invited some of our friends over to watch the games. Instead of panicking, I did a little inventory of what we had. Luckily, I’ve started keeping more appetizer type food in the house for this reason and felt excited that I’d be able to try getting ready for guests with only a few hours notice. I started by preparing a cheese and crackers platter.


In the fridge I had both gouda and my favorite cheese from Trader Joe’s, creamy toscano soaked in syrah (the cheese we bring every year to the wine festival). I was also excited to use my chalkboard slate cheese platter for the first time, too! Luckily, we happened to have a box of Ritz crackers to serve alongside the cheese.

I’ve started keeping frozen appetizers on hand because they won’t go bad and can be ready at a moment’s notice. Also from Trader Joe’s was a frozen spinach dip that I prepared and put in a tray with pita chips.


I’ve started keeping pita chips in the house because not only are they delicious, but pair well with pretty much any dip. In addition, the tray had chips and salsa, which is another thing easy to keep on hand at the house.

Since one of our favorite dinners is stromboli, it’s one of those recipes that I always have the ingredients available for. Therefore, I was able to prepare two strombolis for dinner no problem.


Pete ran to the store and got ingredients for a salad- dinner done!

Finally, dessert. I’ve been baking every weekend and had actually baked Brown Butter Banana Bread (recipe coming Wednesday) that morning while Pete was playing football.


That worked our perfectly because I was able to serve it after dinner.

All in all, I’d say pretty successful for just a few hours notice! Plus everything was easy enough that I was able to sit back and enjoy the games with our friends. I’m feeling much more confident about impromptu guests now!


5 thoughts on “Impromptu Football Sunday

  1. Awww I think it’s so fun to entertain on Sunday’s for football. I don’t, because I’m usually working on a lot of Sundays, but I think that would be the best way to spend a nice Sunday.

  2. yummy my favorite cheese, delicious strombolis and your delicious spinach dip!! Love the chalkboard plate, where did you get it???

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