October Date Night

Hi everyone! Hope you had a great weekend! Pete and I went on our October Date Night on Friday, and thankfully this one didn’t go awry.

Previous date night posts:

A local family in the area has a huge farm called Schaefer Farms. Every October, they have the whole haunted gambit. I’m talking a  hayride, walkthrough, corn maize, and a haunted house- crazy scary too! Unfortunately, they do not allow photographs so any pictures I have are snuck and very dark…aka not great. Please don’t judge!

Snuck in a quick Instagram shot right when we got on the hayride. 


The haunted hay ride was the first attraction. Even the walk to line up for the hayride was freaky, with ghouls and monsters jumping out from every corner. Once on the hayride, our favorite was a man with a chainsaw swinging from trees- literally. Totally unexpected!

One of the stops along the hay ride was a Beetlejuice attraction.


Sorry for the blurry picture- I snuck it when our guide was not looking. It was actually pretty inappropriate, with curses and vulgar jokes- not suitable for the many children on the ride, but funny for us!

The hayride was followed through a “Trail of Terror” where we basically walked through the woods with monsters jumping out from every corner. This led to a corn maize. I’ve done corn maizes by day that were challenging- try doing it at night with creepers in the corn!

Lastly was the Carnival of Chaos…


…a haunted house. This creeped me out the most! There were tons of lights that made it appear you were in a crazed tunnel- hard to explain but very scary!

We made it through and were happy to have survived! Once out of the maze we had the freedom to take some pics.


IMG_4565Why I chose to pose with the Bearded Lady? Not quite sure!


Pete chose Krampus. See the resemblance? Hehe jk baby.

Once you are out of the attractions, there are carnival type games and food stands.


What attracted us the most? The funnel cake stand!


We snagged a funnel cake and a lemonade and enjoyed it at the picnic tables they have set up for customers.


Nom nom nom.

Definitely a fun night- although I must admit I was totally freaked out! I survived though and we had a blast :).

What’s a fall themed date you’ve gone on lately?


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