Girl’s Day at Peddler’s Village

One of my family’s fall/winter traditions for the past 4 years or so has been going to Peddler’s Village in PA to begin our Christmas shopping. We always say we’re “going to New Hope” even though the village is technically in Lahaska. Either way, we’re big fans and love the stores on main street and in the village. This year we decided to make it a “Girl’s Day” and left the guys at home- it was my mom, sister, niece, and I.


Upon arriving, we noticed there had been a Halloween contest where people create scarecrows of sorts out of different movie characters. Despicable Me seemed to be a big theme.

Walking around, we admired the beautiful landscape of the area and the amazing fall decor.


Pete and I actually had our engagement pictures taken by my father in both New Hope and Peddler’s Village.

PicMonkey Collage

Picture on the left taken with the gals, on the right taken by my dad during our photo shoot. Same locale! It was actually really cool because we saw a couple get engaged while we were there the other day- so cute!

What caught my attention next was an old school buggy filled with long, soft pretzels.

PicMonkey1 Collage

I bought one for the four of us to snack on while walking around- it was so good. Fresh from the oven and still warm!

We headed over to our favorite store, Pine Wreath and Candle. It is mainly a Christmas store and we begin our shopping every year by selecting ornaments from their huge collection.


We stopped to take a pic outside the store where there is a huge water wheel.

After all of our shopping, my mom and I introduced my sister and Bella to our “secret cafe.” It’s a tiny cafe called Nancy’s Village Cafe tucked away in the village.


Every time my mom and I come to New Hope, we eat together there- it’s become our place. We brought Vickie and Bella into the secret.


Silly gals!


Madre and I.

For lunch I ordered the grilled cheese special.


It was cheese and tomato served on spinach bread with a side of chips. Very tasty.

Our last stop of the day was the Italian store, Casa Casale. They always have free samples of their many Italian specialties.

PicMonkey Collage2

We sampled some cheeses and pasta- delish as always! I purchased some of the almond anise biscotti, which I’m sure to pick up every time we go there.

One final tradition is that Bella makes a wish at the fountain outside the Italian store.


My sister and I taught her how to do this when she was just a baby and each time she’s there with us, we repeat!

Great day with just the girls- and got a few Christmas gifts checked off my list!

What are some family traditions you have around this time of year?

When do you start Christmas shopping?




4 thoughts on “Girl’s Day at Peddler’s Village

  1. I love girls days… they are so so necessary sometimes. Those soft pretzels look absolutely heavenly and I wish I could sink my teeth into one! YUM. I am the worst for Christmas shopping.. I am that “December 23rd Frantic Shopper” – oops. I should be more on top of my game like you – a lot less stressful!

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