Charity Gala

On Saturday night, Pete and I attended a charity event for the Rainbow Foundation called The Gala. My cousin, Jackie, is an active member of the foundation which helps families in need that have children suffering from illnesses. Every year, they host the charity event, which is a fancy evening filled with gambling, food, drinks, and prizes!

The attire of the event is “dressy date night,” so the hubs and I got all fancy 😉


Depending on when you register for the event, you get a certain amount of play money for casino tables. We registered on the early side so had lots of money to play with- and wasted no time getting started. Blackjack is where it all began…


What’s great is that since it’s “play money” the dealers are really cool with teaching you the game and helping you along.

After blackjack, we headed over to my favorite game- roulette.



I played 5 the first time and it hit! Before we knew it, I was up pretty big- take a look at my chips!


What what!

We took a break in gambling to eat dinner, which was served buffet style.


I went with some make-your-own tacos and pasta.

While getting food, I couldn’t help but notice this…


And it wasn’t long before my dessert plate started getting piled up.


Don’t let the three items fool you- I made numerous trips to that fountain during the night!

Back to the event…depending on how many chips you accumulate during the night, you get a certain amount of tickets to use for the Tricky Tray portion of the evening.


Over 70 baskets were filled to the brim with amazing prizes. One of the most popular, which I put in a bunch of tickets for, was a Coach wallet stuffed with tons of gift cards to various locations.


What I was really hoping for though, was a pair of Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses. Ironically, I had started making my Christmas list a few days before and a pair of  Ray Bans from J Crew were on it.

Well….I won!!!


I was soooo excited- obnoxiously excited even!

I didn’t waste anytime wearing them- in the dark on the way home (kid you not) and pretty much all the next day.


Pete keeps calling me “officer” but I don’t care, I love them!

All in all it was a great night with family fun, awesome prizes, and a great feeling of supporting families in need. Big shout out to my cousin for doing such an amazing job.

Have you ever won an item from a Tricky Tray?


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