Rutgers Preseason Game

Hi everyone! Hope you had a great weekend πŸ™‚ We were super busy- I tell ya, I need a weekend from my weekends!

On Friday night, Pete and I went to a Rutgers Basketball Exhibition Game. Basically it’s a preseason game and it was free- score! Pete went to Rutgers and is a huge supporter of their sports teams. He even writes about the basketball team on his blog RU HoopsΒ (share with your dudes!).


I’m not the hugest basketball fan, but had a fun night out with the hubs while he did some research on the players for his blog. I found ways to entertain myself though…such as watching the mascot’s interesting dance moves.


I’ve always wondered about mascots…like, who is under there and what are they like?!

I also enjoyed the cheerleaders…


As a kid, cheerleading was my thang so it’s fun to watch them, check out their moves, and reminisce. I just don’t get why their socks are so high…

Finally, the band was very entertaining.


They had tons of “RU” chants that were quite catchy. I’m still humming RU..TG…ERS go Rutgers!


Hey, as long as the boy’s happy, I’m happy πŸ™‚

Do you support your Alma Mater’s sport’s teams?


One thought on “Rutgers Preseason Game

  1. Your version of the game made me smile! I love college basketball. There have been years that a group of us will go to the first and second round of the NCAA tournament – usually it is just me and the guys (I can shop with the rest of the girls on the off-game days!).

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