Getting Swindled at the Jewelers

Finally…days off! Due to Teacher’s Convention in New Jersey, we had off yesterday and today. Over the summer, it’s so easy to blog everyday about what I’m up to, what I’m eating, fitness, etc. But once the school year hits, blogging becomes difficult. Being off yesterday gave me the opportunity to catch up on blogs and to capture a “day in the life” post which are some of my favorite to write. So here’s what I was up to yesterday, along with some random stories!

After sleeping in a bit, I started off the day with a 10:30 yoga class at the gym. Little did I know, I had entered “Senior Yoga.” I was too embarrassed to leave, so I stayed the whole hour and was honestly miserable. It was not challenging to me in the least. They would be “stretching” which was lying on the floor and supposedly extending body parts in opposite directions. But not lifting them, no, just lying on the floor. Awful. My mistake, I suppose!

Afterwards, I headed to meet the hubs for lunch. I was really happy to find out that my friend Colleen would be joining us as well!


Colleen and I met 7 years ago at teacher orientation- we were both hired at the same time. Coll, her husband Dave, and Pete all went to school together, which is how Pete and I eventually met! Now, Coll and I work together and Dave and Pete work together. It’s pretty awesome.

Colleen and Dave got married a year before we did and had their baby, Hailey, a few months before Pete and I got married.


Love the pigtails ;).

For lunch, the 5 of us went to a local pizza place. Pete and I both ordered a turkey wrap with fries.


Although the service was pretty terrible at the restaurant, we enjoyed the food.


Every November and May, I have to get my engagement ring inspected and cleaned as part of my ring insurance. Jared, where Pete bought my ring, is right near his job so it’s convenient that I could meet him for lunch and then stop by on the way home. However, I had a really uncomfortable experience there a few years back and hate returning there!

The first time I went, I was told by the employee that I had to make an appointment to come and couldn’t just drop in. Being this was my first time, I had no idea she was straight up lying. She said if I wanted my ring cleaned, I’d need to leave it there over the weekend….unless I spend $13 on a teddy bear in which the proceeds went to St. Jude.


Honestly, I was so taken aback. Plus the thought of leaving my ring for a weekend was just not going to happen. So, I bought the bear. I didn’t mind terribly because I like supporting St. Jude, but seriously…I got gypped!

Needless to say, the following May I called to make an appointment and was told appointments are not necessary and never have been. I asked to speak to the manager and relayed what happened. They were shocked and assured me that should’ve never happened…blablabla. So ever since then, I do not enjoy going to that store and avoid it every chance I get.

When I went yesterday, they had the bears and I had to snap a picture (the one shown above) and just chuckle to myself. I was not forced to buy a teddy bear…nor were the teddies even mentioned. However, 2 women bombarded me while my ring was getting cleaned trying to get me to buy a Pandora bracelet while another male employee kept telling me to get “big daddy” to buy me round 2 of jewelry. OK- I think I’m done with that store!


They did do a nice job, and cleaned my wedding band for free, but I’ll stick with the Jared store down near my parent’s house from now on!

Have you ever gotten swindled before? 


9 thoughts on “Getting Swindled at the Jewelers

  1. Ugh.. I would’ve been so mad! I’m sure I have been swindled more times than I can imagine. I would definitely not go back to that store either. Those are some beautiful rings!!

  2. I couldn’t help but laugh at the senior yoga mishap! Too funny.
    Aw, Hailey is adorable!
    That is ridiculous that they treated you that way! That first woman sounded like a nut job. I can see why you are hesitant to go there. But your ring looks beautiful!

  3. Oh my gosh I can’t believe that happened to you! I would have been so mad! And I would have done just what you did – like are they serious or not? AGh! I don’t like Jared either so I’ll boycott them for you from the South. 🙂

  4. Thanks for this post, Maria.

    I was once swindled by an airline. I bought my ticket online (for the first time) because there was an online sale. Being my first experience, I went to the airport to ensure that my ticket had been reserved properly. I was told by the agent that I had a $100 balance to fully reserve my seat. I paid the $100. (Foolish I know, but I was a teenager) Upon checking my statement, I realized I had been charged the full price on my credit card. I stormed back into the airport and asked for a manager. Of course, the agent I spoke with before had disappeared! I explained the situation and they asked me to wait. I sat there for about 3 minutes, until the manager emerged and gave me a crisp, $100 bill. UNREAL!

    Beautiful ring 🙂

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