Chambray + Leopard

Phew! Glad to get yesterday’s post off of my mind. Thank you for all of your wonderful comments. They really provided me with encouragement to keep my little neck of the blogosphere going! With all of that being said, no time like the present to do my first outfit post!

I tend to go through “trends” with clothes where I want to wear the same type of outfit over and over again. This has been occurring for me lately with button down shirts.


I’m loving them tucked into jeans with a belt, necklace, and cute flats or booties.


I’ve posted before on the great deal I got for these shoes, and they’re actually even less now then what I bought them for!


My original plan was to wear a leopard belt, but thought it may be overkill. So instead, I went with the teal, which blended well with the necklace colors.


I wore this last week when I had the day off and met Pete for lunch- it made the perfect casual lunch date look.


Thanks for stopping by- hope you enjoyed the first outfit post!

What is your current outfit obsession?


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