November Date Night

It was Pete’s turn to plan our monthly date night…and even though it seemed nothing could go right for us, we ended up having a great night! Before sharing, check out our past date night’s below!

So, the hubs had planned a trifecta- movie, dinner, and bowling. We only did 2/3, and didn’t end up having dinner where we originally planned. Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

First up was a trip to the movie theatre to see Thor. Let’s just say I have a crush on Chris Hemsworth…and a lady crush on Natalie Portman!


The movie theatre was quite empty because we went to a matinee. Pete planned it so that we could see a movie that would be finished right around dinner time. The movie was pretty good- not as good as the first one, but at least there was a shirtless Hemsworth scene ;).

The plan was to go to a cafe called Barn Doore after the movie, which is a new-to-the area restaurant. They use all fresh and local ingredients, which was definitely appealing to us. The problem? It was in a “city” of sorts and we could not find parking anywhere. We drove around and around before finally deciding to call it quits. Instead, we drove to pretty much the first place we saw, which was Carraba’s. No complaints there! Our meal started out with some bread…


…which we eagerly gobbled down since we were pretty starving at that point.

We skipped out on appetizers knowing that our entrees came with salads, which was a good move because the salad was so delicious.


For our entrees, we both ordered off of their new Fire-Finished menu. Basically it is a new kitchen technique they are using where your meal is finished off under the fire, creating a bubbly, charred cheese finish. Delish! I had rigatoni and Pete had penne with chicken and pesto. Both were very tasty.


After dinner, we intended to go bowling. Only…strike 2 (hehe, get the pun) we couldn’t figure out how to get to the alley. Yes, even in the world of GPS. It was behind a divider in the highway and we just couldn’t find the entrance!

Not to worry…cause what we did find was an ice cream joint called Magnifico’s.


This place was amazing. They had several different types of soft serve, sundaes, waffles, and all sorts of unique creations.


I went with a peanut butter sundae and WHOA this baby was huge.


I enjoyed about half before having to call it quits. It’s safe to say we’ve found our new ice cream place!

So, for our plans getting a little screwy, we had a pretty awesome night together!

Tell me about a date you’ve gone on recently!


5 thoughts on “November Date Night

    • We’ve been there! I’m a huge fan of their White Chocolate Wonderful flavor. Probably almost 2 years ago we had one of our date nights in the city and went to the Grey Dog, then PB&Co. We didn’t have any snacks because we were stuffed from lunch, but everything looked really good! The little sampler you got is so cute!

  1. Your food from Carrabas looks soo good!! I had to laugh at the ice cream stop! You two love your ice cream 🙂

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