Cutie Booties

It’s the wonderful time of year where us ladies can rock our cutie booties! If you follow me on Pinterest, my Coveted Style board has seen a lot of action lately with bootie pins. I’ve been seeking inspiration for different ways to rock them, and figured I’d share some of my findings, and fav booties, with you! Be sure to check out my fashion challenge at the end of the post :).

These first three pics show the way I wear booties most often.

PicMonkey Collage

Jeans rolled/folded just to the top of the bootie with bare ankles. Super cute!

My favorite pair of booties are suede wedges from J Crew. Once winter hits and socks are required, I’m planning on using this look quite often.


Scrunch up some leg warmers or camp socks over leggings- perfection and added warmth.

For a different cold weather look, I’m thinking simply skinnies tucked in rather than rolled.


An awesome Christmas present I received last year were these boot straps. They keep jeans securely in place for situations like this. Highly recommend them, even for knee high boots.

Finally, I’m just in love with these oxford booties.


I’ve tried to hunt them down to no avail. So if you ever see a pair, please shoot me the link!

Here are some of my favorite booties right now!

PicMonkey Collage

one // two // three // four // five

Finally, I’ll leave you with a fashion challenge. I have these amazing ankle zip jeans from Madewell that are just the perfect fit.


Yet, I haven’t figured out a way to rock them with booties. I obviously can’t roll/fold them due to the zipper. Tucking them in hides the awesome detail of the zipper. And most of my booties are too think for the skinny ankle to go on top. Are they just doomed to never be worn with booties?

Tell me: what’s your favorite way to wear booties


6 thoughts on “Cutie Booties

  1. Love your compilation! All the booties look so cool. i particularly like the ones with fringes! I like to wear my booties with skinnie jeans tucked into them. I like hems rolled just above the booties too but in that case I would love to wear some socks as I often feel too cold to bare my ankles in the winter 🙂 Thanks for sharing 🙂
    Do drop by my blog as well :

  2. OMG I love all this fashion! Now I only wish that I was half as talented as these people who can put together such adorable outfits! I can’t even figure out what to buy, let alone put a whole cute outfit together.

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