Airport Attire

Good morning, readers! I’m still sorting through Tampa pictures and writing recap posts. In the meantime, I’ve been thinking about my airport attire and figured I’d share what I’m considering my “essential travel outfit.” Enjoy!

When I travel, I’m all about comfort. Over the years, I’ve figured out what works for me in terms of travel attire, especially when on an airplane. I’ve developed my own “essential outfit” which includes lots of layering, comfy shoes, and necessary bags to carry all of our belongings. May it assist you the next time you’re trying to figure out what to wear for that flight…hopefully to somewhere exotic!

PicMonkey Collage

01: Denim Jacket / Planes, in my opinion, are always freezing. A denim jacket is a simple layering piece that can be taken on and off depending on the temp and is small enough to fold into a tote if you are not wearing it.

02: Cardigan / Cardigans make up about 90% of my sweaters. No joke. My go-to outfit has always been a cami, cardigan, skinny jeans, and flats. Why not stick with this when traveling? Oh, and did I mention layering?

03: Cami / A cute beige or white cami will match any cardigan and blend well with the denim jacket as well. Plus, if you are traveling to a warmer location, you can easily take off your layering pieces upon arrival.

04: Hat / You all know about my hat obsession. Ever since that love blossomed, I haven’t been able to go on a trip without one. As hard as it is choose, I usually bring one fedora or panama hat and wear it on the plane. I’ve tried packing hats in a suitcase only to end up having them pretty much bent out of shape, never to be the same. So, wear it!

05: Skinny Jeans / My black skinnies from J Crew are the most comfortable jeans I own. Something about the worn in fabric just makes them perfect for sitting on an airplane for hours with no comfort issues.

06: Flats / A comfy pair of flats are my go-to shoes for any type of travel, whether by car, train, or plane. They are easy to slip off when you want to get a little more comfortable.

07: Lap Top Bag / When traveling with Pete, he typically brings his lap top bag as his personal item, just as I bring my tote. This way, the two of us can store our larger carry ons in the top bin, but still have access to any items in these smaller bags. We store them right under the seat in front of us.

08: iPad Mini / While not attire, the iPad is right by my side as we travel. We stay up-to-date with emails while at the airport and can read or play games while flying.

09: Tote / I tend to bring a large tote type bag as my personal item while traveling. I’ll store my carry on overhead, but keep essential items like magazines, iPad, books, etc right in the tote.


Never travel uncomfortably again!

What makes up your travel attire?


6 thoughts on “Airport Attire

  1. Great ideas! Comfort is key! Oh, and love the random guy in the background of the pic staring at you. I think he likes the hat lol!

  2. Great tip on wearing your hat on the plane – I’ve crushed a few favorites in suitcases before, and for some reason it never occurred to me to just wear the darn thing on the plane. I’m all about comfort when I travel, and for me that means no restrictive clothing whatsoever. In spring and summer I usually wear a maxi dress and bring a cardi and a pashmina for warmth, and in fall and winter it’s usually leggings and a top. And if I’m traveling in sandals, I always try to remember to throw a pair of socks into my carryon to wear on the cold plane.

    • A maxi dress is such a great idea! We’re planning a summer trip to Europe and I’m thinking that would definitely be really comfy for the long flight.
      I am also going to look into getting a pashmina since a few comments mentioned it- perfect addition to my layering!

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