Tampa Day 1: Clearwater Beach

A few months ago, Pete’s parents moved to Tampa, Florida. His brother Derek has already lived there for several years and now their parents do as well! We started planning our trip to visit them pretty much right when they closed on their house and have been looking forward to it ever since. Pete and I flew out Friday after work and arrived in Tampa late Friday night. We arrived to Pete’s parent’s house around 10:30.


Luckily, his brother and two daughters came over and we got to spend some time with them despite the lateness. We were up till almost 2 am! Finally, sleep kicked in but we were excited for the day ahead. Unfortunately when we woke up the weather wasn’t the best…cloudy with some intermittent showers. That didn’t stop us from planning a great day though!

First, we headed over to Clearwater Beach.


The beach was absolutely beautiful.



Smooth white sand, quiet, clean…just breathtaking.


We took a lot of great pictures with the family…


…and also got to see some dolphins!


Hard to tell in the picture but they were everywhere, just darting up and down in the water. So cool to see that up close.

After exploring on the beach for awhile, we walked over to Hooters for lunch. We had a great seat in the outdoor section with a view of the water and some palm trees.


Pete and I split wings and fries for lunch.


The wings were really good coated in a Thai Chili sauce. Spicy!

After lunch, we drove over to a place called Celebration Station. A go-kart rematch was in order from the last time Pete visited. What cracks me up is the relationship between Pete, his dad, and his brother- they were trash talking the whole way there about who was going to spin out who!


Poor Lexi, Pete’s niece, was the one who ended up getting spun out first!


Not to worry though- Derek, Pete’s brother, got their dad in the second round!

After go-karts, we all went back to Derek’s for some drinks and pizza.


I gotta tell ya, Florida pizza ain’t got nothing on New Jersey pizza!

It was such a great first day and really nice to spend time with the family. See you tomorrow with a Day 2 recap!

Have you ever seen dolphins up close? 




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