Tampa Day 2: Causeway Sunset

On Sunday morning, we woke up to a discussion of bagels for breakfast. All being from New Jersey, we’re pretty big on good bagels. Turns out the only place you could get bagels nearby in Tampa is a food store…so Pete’s mom bought some from Publix.


They were actually more like Thomas’s bagel thins! Got the job done, but definitely no comparison to NJ bagels, just like the pizza!

After breakfast, Pete’s parents, Pete, and I all went for about a 2 mile walk.


Worst picture ever taken by Pete. However, it was so nice to get shorts on and to have nice enough weather to exercise outdoors.

Walking worked up a sweat, especially since it was about 80 degrees outside. No better place to cool off than the pool.


I mean honestly, how awesome is this pool and lanai? Lucky ducks! Pool time consisted of timed competitions completing a lap. Pete’s dad shocked us all with a time of 12.15. No one came close to beating it!

Later on, we drove over to “the causeway.” This is basically a strip of land/bridge leading to Clearwater beach where people watch the sunset. You can drive your car right on the sand and park with a perfect view of the ocean.



When we arrived, we walked around for a bit and headed over the bridge. There, we got some beautiful views and nice family pics.


When the sun started dropping, we found a spot on a bench to watch it set.


I’ve seen sunsets before, but never actually sat there and watched each moment of the descent- it was quite lovely.


What a spectacular way to end our last full day in Tampa!

The following day was spent relaxing, taking walks, and just spending our last few hours together before heading home at 3:30.  It was such a great mini vacay and I’m really happy we got to see Pete’s family!

Have you ever been to Tampa before? What did you do while you were there?


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