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Whew- I’ve been writing a lot of travel related posts lately, but there’s been so much swirling through my mind and I wanted to be sure I documented it all! On our recent trip to Tampa, I realized there’s a recurring list of items that I always forget to pack. So much so that every single time Pete and I have traveled, I find saying, “I can’t believe I forgot that again!” This time we got smart and made a list of items as we realized them. I hope that by documenting them on the blog, I’ll never forget them again!

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01: Umbrella / I’m sure there’s people out there who love rain, but I’m not one of them. I’ll be ducking under an umbrella the second a light drizzle falls. That is, if I remember the umbrella! When Pete and I went on our honeymoon to St. Lucia, there were intermittent showers everyday. Same when we went to Tampa. So having an umbrella would’ve been quite helpful!

02: Watch / When traveling in the United States, this isn’t much of a big deal because we all use our cell phones to see what time it is. However, when in Italy, Canada, and St. Lucia I did not have my watch and therefore never knew what time it was. Usually we’re around people who could fill us in, but when I have a perfectly good Coach watch, this shouldn’t be something I’m forgetting!

03: Hand Sanitizer / I’ve seen my share of nasty bathrooms while traveling, especially out of the country. Rooms where you don’t want to touch anything, even the sink. Or places, like Boston, where you travel mainly using a subway system. It’s always good to have a mini hand sanitizer throw in your purse for such situations.

04: Hats / The crazy hat lady requests not only panama hats and fedoras, but baseball caps as well. When I workout, I typically like the throw on a baseball hat, especially in places with high heat. In Tampa, I borrowed my father-in-laws and realized I should’ve brought one of my own.

05: Sperry Top Siders / This is the one thing I’ve never remembered to pack and every time had wished I’d brought them. I would wear my Sperry’s everyday if I could…and mainly do Spring-Fall. They are so comfortable for walking, which we do a ton of on vacations. So help me if I forget them when we go to Europe next summer!

What is on your list of items you always forget to pack? Or items that are essential?


One thought on “Travel Guide

  1. On recent trips I’ve forgotten a brush, razor (had to buy one of those 2 blade ones and I am not a fan!), and deodorant… so those are now written in REALLY BIG letters on my master packing list 🙂

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