Holiday Magic

Something about December is so magical. The lights, decorations, trees…engagements. Say what?!


Yes ma’am, my best friend Lauri got engaged over the weekend!


I’m so over the moon happy for her and her fiance, Ryan. I was thrilled we were able to see them over the weekend to share in their special moment. Lots of fun wedding planning in the future!

Speaking of holiday magic, Pete and I picked out our tree this weekend. Every year our tradition is to go to a local tree farm and cut our own tree.


There she is. Quite the beauty.

Who is that under there? 😉


They always look the perfect size on the lot. Until you get them home, untie it, and realize…


…that’s one fat tree LOL! Luckily when we pushed her back against the wall a bit, it looked better.


Plus decorating always makes the tree look glorious. With our first snow falling outside, this weekend was surely magical.

Have you decorated for the holidays yet? Real tree or fake tree?


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