Neighbor Gift: Homemade Cinnamon Buns

Merry Christmas, everyone! There’s so much I need to catch you up on, including our fabulous-as-always traditional Italian Christmas Eve and the Christmas brunch I’ll be hosting today…but first I’ll be sharing what Pete and I do for our neighbors on Christmas. 

Every year, I like to do something for the neighbors around Christmastime. My favorite gift to make for them is Pioneer Woman’s homemade cinnamon rolls. In the past, I’ve made the rolls and placed them inside Santa Claus gift bags, but this year I wanted to step it up a little bit with some fabric and ribbon to make the presentation all the more special.


And I love how they came out! Let’s back up to the process, shall we?

The night before delivering the buns, I make the dough. Since the recipe involves yeast and the dough needs to rise, this step is a little time consuming. Therefore, I prefer to get it done in advance of the actual delivery date. The next morning, it’s easy to start rolling out the dough and making the buns!


Lots of ooey gooey butter tops the dough along with cinnamon and sugar.


Roll that baby up into a log shape and then slice using a sharp knife. Each log (recipe makes 2) will produce about 20-25 buns.


I buy 6 tins with plastic lids from the dollar store (sold in packs of 3 so it only cost $2) and put 8-9 buns in each tin.

Throw those babies in the oven and make your icing while they are baking.


The icing is the best part. Made with coffee and maple extract, it has such a rich flavor atop the buns.


Oooo those babies look good.


Annndddd even better now.

From Walmart, I purchased some red glittery fabric. I really wanted holiday themed, but they were sold out when I went. Guess you gotta get that stuff in advance! But this was close enough.


To wrap, I placed a tin on the fabric and then topped it with a Christmas card from Pete and I.


My mom gave me the beautiful gold ribbon, which I used to tie the fabric once I had gathered it into a plume. Then, it was off to deliver the buns to our neighbors while they were still warm from the oven.

For us, it makes us truly happy to “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.” [Matthew 7:12]. Merry Christmas once again- hope you have a wonderful holiday with your loved ones.


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