Christmas Morning and Brunch

Happy Friday, everyone! Hope your holidays were great. I have one last holiday post to catch you all up on…enjoy!

Every year Pete and I sleep at my parent’s house after our traditional Italian Christmas Eve. In the morning, we sneak out to get bagels for the family and usually arrive back at the same time as my sister’s arrival with her family. Together, we all eat breakfast and open gifts. The tree is always packed with presents!


And the stockings filled to the brim.


The kids try to sneak peeks while we are eating…


…and soon enough we all began unwrapping.


After presents, we do stockings. After sorting through our trinkets, we all sit down and scratch off our lottery tickets.


Can you believe that in all these there is not one winner?!

Soon after, we packed up and headed back home. Pete and I were hosting a brunch for the first time for his sister and her family.


On the menu was homemade cinnamon buns, french toast casserole (recipe coming soon) apple crumb cake, and bacon.


Lots of goodies!


All delicious. The french toast was a big hit- I’ll be enjoying those leftovers this morning!


We also exchanged presents and it was fun to see the kids get excited about their gifts.


Cute hubs loving his new Rutgers gear.

After Pete’s family left, he and I finally exchanged our gifts. The first few years we were together, it kinda bothered me that we didn’t get to exchange until late. Now, I love it. It’s almost as if it keeps Christmas going a bit longer knowing that we still have that time together, just us, to look forward to.

It was a great Christmas filled with love, family, and generosity!

How did you spend the holidays?


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