Auld Lang Syne

Happy New Year! Hope you are spending the day relaxing before it’s back to work tomorrow. Here in the northeast we have a huge snow storm approaching- great way to kick off the new year!

Anyhow, just wanted to check in and share our New Year’s Eve festivities. My Aunt Jo and Uncle Frank host every year and just like all of our holidays we have our share of traditions. The one food tradition I’m always looking forward to is homemade calzones.

IMG_0602penne pasta on left, calzones on right

As you can see, they go pretty fast! When we arrived there were only a few left, so I jumped on them. My aunt makes them with ricotta or with ricotta and escarole- delicious.


Some of the other food were deli sandwiches, spinach dip, chicken, potato croquettes, and rice balls, which you can see scattered about the table.

Another New Years Eve tradition is that we always play some type of game. For many, many years (while my nonna was alive) we would play Bingo. In recent years, however, we play a new game each year that my Uncle Irv introduces to us. This year is was “Reverse Charades.”

PicMonkey Collage

Instead of one person acting, you have a group of people acting and only one person guessing. Quite hysterical! Here’s a video to show some of what went down…

Hilarious! We spent a while playing, all the time filled with laughs.

Afterwards we ate some dessert and got ready for the ball to drop. Pete and Uncle Irv got the champagne bottles ready to pop…


Almost time…


And before you knew it, confetti was thrown, horns were blown, and 2014 was here!


Happy New Year, from yours truly!


How did you ring in 2014?


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