Laundry Room Storage

It’s a been a while since we’ve updated you on house projects, so here is the latest. Enjoy!

Being that Pete and I do not have a basement, storage is one area that we are really trying to maximize in any way. When we were visiting his parents in Tampa, we noticed that they had cabinets above their washer and dryer. Cabinets, such a novel concept! We were instantly intrigued and added this to our list of DIY projects. Since we’ve been off from work the past week, we decided to tackle our project then.

Let’s start off with a before picture, shall we?


Above our washer and dryer there were two shelves that housed our cleaning supplies, shopping bags, and laundry necessities. Not the worst for storage, but we were pretty much out of space already. Plus it wasn’t very visually appealing. Thus, we decided to purchase two wall cabinets from Home Depot.


Pete and I each took one and put them together simultaneously. It really wasn’t that bad, and probably took us about an hour.

PicMonkey Collage1

Now that the easy part was done, we had to start figuring out how to mount them to the walls. Luckily, I had bought Pete a stud finder for Christmas.


Pete located the studs and marked them on the wall with a pencil. We also removed the two shelves and their mounts.

Unfortunately, when it came time to install, I wasn’t able to support the weight of the cabinets while Pete drilled. Thus, we enlisted the help of my dad the following morning.


In no time, dad and Pete used mollies and screws to secure the cabinets into the studs.


Then it was time to add the doors and their handles.


This step was easy, as the hinges slid into each other and just needed to be screwed into place.


And before you know it, we had cabinets!

Each cabinet came with an adjustable shelf, so we were able to determine the height based on our items.


As you can see, everything fit, with room for much more!

  • Time: 1-2 days
  • Cost: Each cabinet was $50 for a total of $100. But with gift cards we had received for Christmas, it cost us $0!
  • Difficulty: Easy/Medium

We hope that by adding cabinets, they will benefit us by providing more storage space and for their visual appeal. Little additions like this we hope will one day add up when it comes time to sell!

What type of storage do you have in your laundry room?


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