2013 Blog Superlatives

I’m a little late to the 2013 blog review posts, but figured better late than never! I actually really enjoy reading blogger’s recaps of their top posts because it gives me a snapshot of their popular/favorite posts that I may have missed. Here’s my take at it.

Top Post: Dunkaroo Dip


You guys just love this dip! I attribute the success to its amazing taste and the fact that it has only 3 ingredients. Plus, it’s been repinned by ya’ll on Pinterest many times (thanks!). For that, it is by far my most popular post on the blog. So please, go buy the 3 ingredients and try this asap. Oh, and keep pinning my pics 😉

Top Recipe Post: Southwestern Chicken Burgers and Sweet Potato Fries

Technically this would be my second top recipe post due to Dunkaroo Dip. Yet, since Dunk Dip got it’s own category, I figured I’d show the runner up some luv.


This meal is on our list of “go-tos,” if you will. It’s one we always enjoy no matter the time of year. If it’s winter, we just grill the burgers on our Foreman. Summer, pop them on the grill outside. The avocado and pepper jack cheese are divine, but the real star for me is those homemade sweet potato fries- which are a lot easier to make then you may think. It’s also a great make-in-advance meal because you can chop the sweet potato fries ahead of time and even make the burgers and freeze them.

Top Home Project: Landscaping Overhaul 

This baby was a doozy, but for sure the project we are most proud of thus far.


It involved a 3-day weekend of back breaking landscaping work done entirely without the help of professional landscapers. The end result was exactly what we hoped for, providing much better curb appeal for the house. Check it out!

Top Wedding Related: Bridesmaids

This doesn’t come as a surprise- I remember when we were engaged I used to read bridesmaids posts on other blogs all the time!

072712 Maria & Peter 752

I’d be searching for dresses, shoes, gift ideas, etc and hopefully this post provides some of the same input for you. These girls were my rock throughout the whole wedding process and I’m so grateful they were there for me/with me through it all.

Top Fashion: Fashion Lusting

From no surprise to a big surprise- I was pretty shocked to see this post nearing the top of my stats. I wrote this particular post simply because I couldn’t stop stalking items online and figured I’d share them with the world.


Such as this adorable cardigan from Madewell that I ended up purchasing. Actually, looking back on this post I now own every item from the Madewell list. Oops!

Hey, if you want me to lust over fashion more, I’m in! Only problem is lusting leads to purchases which means spending money…is my husband reading this? 😉

Top “Other”: Psychic Night

This post is actually my 2nd most popular post, behind Dunkaroo Dip. Why? I think it may be because it was about a very personal topic and I opened up more than I have in other posts.


Maybe because the idea of going to a psychic is intriguing to a lot of people. Or the whole mystique of it appeals to you. Either way, this post was a tough one to write (it took me about a month after the actual event to get it all out there) but it was worth it.

Welp, that about wraps up all the categories I could think of! Thank you for your support of this little ol’ blog in the year of 2013. Hope to keep it up better than ever in 2014!

What other categories do you think should be added to a blog’s superlative list? What is your top blog post? Feel free to link!


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