Skin Care Regimen

Hi, everyone! Sorry for the brief hiatus- we’ve been super busy lately and I haven’t had much time to check in. Happy to be back and updating, starting today with a facial care discussion 🙂

So I started noticing mid-December that my face was breaking out often. I usually have pretty clear skin, maybe an occasional blemish here and there, but the breakouts started coming on fast and were not clearing up. It got me wondering about a couple of factors:

  1. Does age have anything to do with it? The breakouts started just weeks before my 30th birthday. I kept joking around that all I needed for my 30th was come concealer!
  2. Perhaps changes in diet? It’s no secret that it’s tough to eat healthy in December. For me, the weeks leading up to the holidays bring a slew of cookies and other holiday treats that are only around once a year and so difficult to deny!
  3. Have I made any changes in my skin/facial care regimen? At the time, yes. I had just been using soap and water to wash my face for a while. Being soap is known to really dry out the skin on your face, this may have been a problem.
  4. How about stress? It builds up around the holidays, with making sure all the presents are bought, house is decorated, still keeping up with work, etc.

Well, I’ve had a few revelations lately about my own skin care, plus have found some really great products I wanted to share. Hence, my first (and probably only) beauty post begins. Why do I say my only? Because I do not wear makeup. At all. Never had, never intend to. In fact, I’ve only worn makeup twice. At my wedding and another wedding I was in. I grew up with the very hippie mentality of not changing one’s appearance. So in addition to that, I’ve also never dyed my hair…with the exception of a freak experiment with Sun-in during middle school. But without further adieu, here are the skincare products I’m loving lately.

PicMonkey Collage

01: Bare Escentuals Blemish Therapy / With truly knowing nothing about makeup or beauty supplies, I stumbled into a Bare Escentuals store after hearing about their bareMinerals line. Knowing that their products come right from the earth, I felt comfortable trying them out being they are natural. This particular product you simply tap on your blemishes with the provided brush. It helps to both disguise and heal them. It uses sulfur, which naturally fights blemishes. Be aware that sulfur does have a smell to it, which several reviewers claimed turned them off, but I love it. It reminds me of the volcanoes I’ve visited in Italy and St. Lucia.

02: Bare Escentuals Purifying Facial Cleanser / I purchased this product as a daily facial cleanser to use in the shower. It is also a makeup remover, but since I don’t wear makeup I do not use it for that purpose. A small dab is all you need to create a lather and then rinse off. It leaves my face feeling refreshed, but also a bit dry. Be sure to moisturize afterwards.

03: Bath and Body Works Shower Gel / This one may sound strange, but something about their shower gel just works for me. I’ve tried a lot of products in the shower and many leave me with further blemishes and red spots. Whatever they use in this formula just works for my normal/dry skin. The fact that they all smell amazing is just an added bonus!

04: Maybelline Instant Age Rewind / My mom gave me this product to help conceal the many blemishes that kept popping up around the holidays. All it takes is a very small amount to brush on your face. A couple of dabs with your fingers and it blends right in, concealing the redness.

My face has definitely cleared up now that the holidays have passed. But to be honest, I have my own self analysis of what occurred. I feel a lot of it was due to the way I was eating. My diet stays very much the same on a daily basis and when I deviate from it with sweets, I do see the breakouts occur. So for me, who’s got a massive sweet tooth, sweets will always be a part of my life. But moderation is certainly the key!

What products are essential to your face/skin care? How do you treat your breakouts?


6 thoughts on “Skin Care Regimen

  1. Love bath and body! Their prices even make it that much better!!!! Moisturizer and exfoliator are my best friends. I have never had a ‘breakout’ (I know, I say that and people look at me like they are about to stab me), Sure, I may get 1-2 blemishes which are hormone related but that is the extent of my breakouts. I do however, have incredibly dry skin (which is weird since I am Italian and Greek and it just screams oily). I say I look like a scaly lizard, so exfoliators and moisturizes are a god scent. More recently I have been using a damp facecloth and rubbing it to get some flakes off and using olive oil to moisturize and it has been really good!!!!

      • It does cause some redness but it is incredibly temporary – like 5-10 minutes. I only do it 2-3 times a week (apparently its not good all the time). I make my own with oatmeal! Combine 1 tablespoon of ground oatmeal with 1/4 teaspoon of salt, and 1 teaspoon of water (I use or olive oil instead of water as my skin is so dry) to make it into a paste. Gently rub it onto you skin in circular motions, let sit for five to 10 minutes and rinse……. Also Calamine Lotion is great for a blemish. If you put a little bit on a blemish at night it will be practically gone in the morning.

  2. Glad you’ve developed a good regimin! I will do a post on this, too, as yoga highly affected my skin care system! Essential… My clarisonic Mia 2 and NO dairy! Stay tuned for my formal post! You have such a pretty face! xo

  3. Great blog if you have the time could you check out a few of mine 😊 also if there’s anything you’d like me to write about just ask !x

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