Why We Joined Gold’s Gym

Recently, Pete and I joined a new gym. The membership at our old gym was about to expire and it was the perfect opportunity to shop around a little bit. Our old gym was very costly for a small space with limited equipment so we knew we were interested in moving elsewhere.


We ended up joining at Gold’s Gym because it had everything we were looking for. If you’re in the market for a new gym, here is what interested us:

1: A vast array of weight training equipment / A goal of mine is to focus more on strength training. To do so, I needed a gym that had a variety of equipment. Gold’s has kettle bells, dumbbells in every weight, resistance training, TRX, free motion, cardio galore, racks, and much more. Everyday I’m learning something new and trying a new piece of equipment. Two of my favorites right now are Jacob’s Ladder and Ab Solo.

PicMonkey Collage

2: High energy clientele / At my old gym, I was always staring at the clock, longing for my workouts to be over. I was bored of the same old machines, the boring music, and the crowd. At Gold’s, the music is blaring. You can smell the sweat in the air. People are toned and working hard. It’s incredibly motivating. The energy of others keeps me going strong. If I look at the clock, it’s not out of dread, it’s just to gloat in how long I’ve been dominating!

IMG_0792Yes, I even bought a Gold’s Gym shirt 😉

3: Knowledgeable personal trainers / There’s a fine line when it comes to personal training. I’m looking for someone who is in shape (seems to go without saying, but unfortunately is not) and someone who can answer my questions. If you don’t ask me about my goals and nutrition, then I’m not hiring you. Another plus about Gold’s is that you get two complimentary sessions with a trainer once you become a member.

4: Protein shake bar / This is a feature I would have overlooked…that is until I tried it. Having access to protein shakes right after your workout is acutally quite amazing. I’ve tried a couple and they’ve both been delicious, filling, healthy, and full of protein. Plus, the staff will tell you all about their benefits, nutrition, and differences.


5: Price / The cost to join Gold’s Gym was extremely reasonable. We are actually paying quite less then our old gym, which was a fraction of the size. It seems insane to think back on how much we were paying now that we’re getting so much more for our money.

In the two weeks that we’ve been there, I’ve been focusing a lot on strength and have really been enjoying my workouts. The gym has exposed me to many new exercises and equipment, broken me out my comfort zones, and is building my confidence- I’m loving it.

What do you look for in a gym?


4 thoughts on “Why We Joined Gold’s Gym

  1. Love this post! I used to work behind the desk at Golds checking people in and making smoothies! You’re so right about high energy- I absolutely loved being there because everyone was SO MOTIVATED and happy to be there! Their classes rock, they take really good care of their equipment and have some pretty awesome stuff. Our gym had the Jacobs ladder but not that cool ab machine!

    BTW speaking of smoothies, my favorite was the Peanut Butter Dream (it’s one of the fat burners with peanut butter, banana, and vanilla froyo) 🙂 BUT pro tip the Muscle Builder smoothies are like $2 cheaper (at least at our gym they were) just because they use regular protein rather than the special “fat burning” protein powder 🙂 The PB dream has an equivalent on the Muscle Builder menu but I can’t remember the name… you should try it!! (if you haven’t already!)

    • Thanks for the informative comment!
      They have one called Vanilla Peanut Butter and another called PB&J. I’ve tried them both and they’re amazing! I’ll have to look to see if they have a banana peanut butter one- clearly anything peanut butter and I’m in!

      • WHOA we didn’t have those kinds! I guess different gyms have different menus?! Who knew!! Vanilla PB sounds pretty similar to PB dream, it’s probably close to the same thing 🙂

  2. Girlfriend!!! You know that your comments about the trainer make my heart go pitter patter! Yes yes yes! I belonged to Gold’s in 2005 – 2006… excellent gym. Everything that you’ve cited in terms of energy, equipment, and the smell of sweat is spot on. And the selfie? OMG gorgeous! Congrats on finding a new fab place. 😉 xo

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