Glute and Thigh Trimmer Workout

Howdy, readers! As discussed in yesterday’s post, I’ve been focusing most of my workouts lately on strength training. When using weights, I like to switch it up between the machines and doing functional exercises. I get a lot of ideas for functional exercises on fitness blogs, Pinterest, and by observing other women doing routines in the gym. I’d like to share my workouts more often on the blog. After all, I started blogging many years ago to document my fitness journey, so why not focus on that a bit more?!

Today’s workout is a leg workout I developed specifically to target thighs and glutes. Enjoy! Let me know if you give it a go and what you think 🙂

glute and thigh

Pictures and descriptions of each exercise are shown below.

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01: Hold a 5-10 lb. dumbbell in each hand. Step up onto a bench with your right foot. Meet with left foot. Step down with right foot.

02: Repeat exercise 01 with left leg.

03: Place 10 lb. dumbbells on the ground in front of your. Position a stability ball against a wall behind your back. Pick up the dumbbells. Squat down, rolling the ball against the wall as you squat. Return to standing.

04: Place a 15-20 lb. body bar on your back. Open legs wide and turn feet out to a plie position. Squat straight down and up.

05: Place the soles of your feet together. Lift up into a bridge and squeeze your thighs and glutes while lifting. Lower without touching butt to floor.

06: Get into a plank position. Alternate kicking back each leg, activating the glute muscles.

Hope you’ll try this workout out soon!

What are some of your favorite thigh and glute exercises?


6 thoughts on “Glute and Thigh Trimmer Workout

  1. Oh the plié. Yes yes yes! The absolute best for divine thighs and small hips. It engages the core, too. I also like crescent lunges (the yoga kind). So divine. I love your new fitness series, Brooklyn Fig! xo

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