Super Bowl into Snow Day

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you enjoyed the Super Bowl last night. We are actually getting hit by yet another snow storm here in Jersey, but having a snow day after staying up late for the big game is not too shabby!

For the game, our friends Colleen and Dave had a party. There was no shortage of food, that’s for sure! Colleen had a lot of fun football shaped foods…

PicMonkey Collage

The top right corner was a football shaped peanut butter dip, similar to one that a friend brought to our Memorial Day party last year. Serve alongside pretzels, soo addicting!

I made guacamole for the first time, which is pretty shocking because it’s up there on my list of favorite foods.


I basically threw it together using ingredients I’ve seen used at restaurants and I love the way it came out- look for the recipe post coming Friday!

The week leading up to the game, Pete started a box pool at work.


A few years back, he and I won all 4 quarters! Quite the amazing feat. Unfortunately we won nada yesterday!

Even though the game was pretty anticlimactic, we had a nice time.


It’s always cute to watch the kiddies interact with each other!

Plus, I was pretty stoked that Bruno Mars was performing the halftime show- ok, giddy is more like it. Pete snapped this shot of me while watching it…


Haha totally absorbed. I was the only one in our crowd who enjoyed it, but I thought he did a great job- loved the dancing!

After halftime, we ate some dessert. Colleen makes a mean trifle, I’ll tell ya.


A trifle bowl is one of thiose things I got for my bridal shower that I’ve still never used. Don’t know what I’m waiting for when there’s concoctions as good as this out there! It had brownies, chocolate chips, whipped cream- so good.

Anyhow, it was definitely nice sleeping in today- but with about 8 inches of snow outside and more coming I’m a bit fearful! We even lost power for several hours this morning- thank goodness it’s back and fingers crossed it stays on.

Have a great week!


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