Nonna Italian Style

My beautiful goddaugther, Isabella, turned 7 last Thursday!


To celebrate, the fam got together at my mom’s house over the weekend. I’d been looking forward to seeing my family all week…but also looking forward to what was for dinner. When I asked my mom, she said she was going “Nonna Italian Style” and making Pasta Fazool and Pizza Patate. 


Now, you may know our pasta fazool as “pasta fagioli,” the soup that they sell at places like the Olive Garden. My family’s version is Neopolitan and more like a thick pasta with beans than a soup- and incredibly delicious.


Growing up, whenever we visited my grandparents it was always pasta fazool and pizza patata- so this throwback was very nostalgic. I make pizza patate (potato and eggs served with fresh mozzarella) often for Pete and I, but never learned how to make pasta fazool- until this past weekend! I have both recipes coming for you this week 🙂


Anyways, back to the birthday girl…she had just gotten her hair straightened as a birthday present from my parents and looked stunning. She kept flipping her hair, it was just too cute.

For dessert, my Uncle Sal (who owns an Italian bakery) made Bella a tiramisu cake.


Seriously- how amazing! Ladyfingers around the sides with the classic espresso layers on the inside.


Singing “Happy Birthday” to the lovely lady.


We also had his apple pie and various pastries and cookies. So good, so much food, so filling! 


All in all, a great day filled with family, traditions, great food, and Italian love. xoxo



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