Pizza Patate

Pizza Patate, for me, is a recipe where the smell can just transport you back to childhood. Days and nights spent running around my nonna’s kitchen with my many cousins. Waiting patiently to get that slice of fresh mozzarella. It’s just classic Italian perfection in my mind! My mom taught me how to make it a few years back and it’s a recipe I’ve perfected and memorized. I love being able to cook the foods I grew up with and that my mom grew up with, so this is definitely one I’m proud of!


To start, figure out how many people you will be cooking for. A good rule of thumb is one potato and two eggs per person eating the patate, which is basically a potato, egg, and cheese omelette. Peel your potatoes.


Next, cut them into small pieces.


Fill a frying pan with vegetable oil. You want just enough oil to coat the potatoes, not submerge them.


Once the oil is heated, add your potatoes to the pan to fry.


Meanwhile, crack your eggs into a bowl. Add some pepper.


Stir in romano cheese- has to be romano! Parmesan will not do the trick, nor taste right. Romano only, people! The more, the better.


Fry the potatoes until they are golden brown.


When your potatoes are ready, transfer them to the egg mixture using a slotted spoon so that the oil drains off. Stir to combine.


Remove most of the oil from the pan, leaving only a very thin layer. Pour your egg and potato mixture into the pan. Fry until the edges are cooked and top is beginning to cook. Using another pan, flip the patate over. I always have Pete do this step- he’s become a pro at it!


Let the other side cook a few more minutes.


While finishing up, slice up a ball of fresh mozzarella to serve alongside your potatoes.


Mmm so delicious!


An absolute classic Italian meal, courtesy of my grandmother 🙂



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