Just Another Snow Day

Today has marked the 6th snow day for my school district. It’s even looking like we’ll be off again tomorrow, so there’s likely to be #7. There goes spring break! Well, being that I am off, it gives me the opportunity to do one of my favorite type of posts, “a day in the life.”

When I woke up this morning, I did my usual out of bed routine: brush my teeth, mouthwash, take vitamins.


Love me some gummy vitamins! Call me crazy, but I won’t take them unless there’s something in it for me. I actually enjoy eating these everyday, thus I’ve stuck with them!

On snow days, I like to watch morning shows that I otherwise miss such as Live with Kelly and Michael, Rachael Ray, and/or The View. Today though, the shows were interrupted by live news broadcasts about the snow. Oh well, off to grading papers instead.


Notebooks really. Took a while to get through that stack! I stopped after the first group to have some breakfast.

Yesterday I got a gorgeous Valentine’s Day basket from one of my students. It had two muffins, hot chocolate, and coffee in a cute VDay tin all wrapped up with cellophane.


How cute is that tin! Pete had the blueberry muffin and I went with a raspberry muffin alongside some blackberries.


Then, back to grading notebooks. Around noon, Pete and I went outside to do our first round of shoveling. Looking out the window at this…


…I knew it was going to be a daunting task! Let me tell you, shoveling is no joke! I’m in no need of a workout today, that’s for sure!

After that, I needed to refuel with some lunch. A classic yogurt bowl just never fails.



Today’s bowl consisted of Raspberry Chobani, Banana Nut Bare Naked granola, fresh blackberries, and some natural peanut butter. So yummy and filling!

Snow days are actually quite boring! With a foot of snow, you’re pretty much trapped in the house. Plus, with all the snow we’ve been having, our house is spic and span from the cleaning I’ve been doing to keep busy. So, I’ll likely be catching up on some reading for a while until dinner.

Have a great rest of the day, be safe in this crazy weather!


2 thoughts on “Just Another Snow Day

  1. I love Rachel Ray too. But only in bits and pieces. I don’t care for most of it, probably because I originally fell in love with Rachel and her fun way of cooking in the kitchen. So I mostly watch the cooking parts, and the rest of the time…I’m multi-tasking, doing something else. Sorry to hear that you’ll miss spring break due to all the snow days that have been issued.

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