February Date Afternoon

February was my month to plan a date for Pete and I (see links at bottom of post for more “date night” information). I decided to switch things up a bit and do a “date afternoon.” Pretty much all of our dates have involved some type of event and then a dinner. Being we had just eaten out Friday night, I wanted to do a brunch & event instead while keeping up with a Valentine’s type theme.

To start the date, we went to a restaurant called Mom’s located in Ringoes, NJ. Mom’s is a small breakfast joint…


…that has tons of charm and absolutely amazing food!

Every time we go there (which is not as often as we should, last time was 2 years ago) I order the apple crisp pancakes.


Warm, soft apples atop pancakes that literally have the streusel of apple crisp right inside. Here’s a closer look:


Drool fest.

I wish I’d taken a pic of Pete’s breakfast, as it was equally delicious. He had a bacon and cheese omelette with toast and home fries. Perfect breakfast.

After digesting a bit, we drove over the a winery in the same town called Old York Cellars. Our friends Colleen and Dave bought us an awesome Groupon deal for Christmas- wine and chocolate tasting for 2! Wine and chocolate seemed fabulous for a Valentine’s Day weekend and thus a perfect addition to my afternoon date!


We arrived at the snowy Old York vineyards within minutes. Our server started us off right away by the providing us with menus to select the wines we’d like to taste.


We got to select our own 6 wines and each received 4 pieces of chocolate to pair with the wines. The menu specified which chocolate paired best with each wine, so no guessing was needed. I got to work on the sweet wines, Pete got to work on the reds.


We even got to each select a 7th wine each for tweeting about the cellar!


My favorite was the Blush and Pete’s was the Cabernet Sauvignon. We ended up buying a bottle of each. As for the chocolate, they were all great! I’m especially partial to milk chocolate, while Pete enjoyed the extra dark.


Cheers to a fun afternoon date! You just can’t go wrong with wine and chocolate 🙂

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