Eat Like an Egyptian

Hello? Anyone still out there?! Sorry I’ve been MIA. Been super busy and hope to fill you in soon with deets. For now, I’ve been dying to share our recent food excursion…Egyptian cuisine!

It’s no secret that Pete and I love trying new-to-us cuisines. We’re lucky to live in an area where there are plenty of options for Thai, Greek, Indian, Mexican, and Italian. One of my students recently brought up a local restaurant called King Tut which serves Egyptian food. I asked around and one of my teacher friends had been there. She gave Pete and I some recommendations and off we went!

To start, our waitress brought us pita bread with a sun dried tomato dip.


I could not get enough of this dip. Later when our appetizer and entree came, I kept dipping them into it as well! The pita was soft and warm. Really tasty.

For an appetizer, we chose the falafel. Neither of us had ever had falafel and I’ve always wanted to try it.


Can’t believe I waited so long. This was probably my favorite item of the night, if I was forced to choose. It had a crunch texture to the outside and warm, soft inside. It came alongside a tahini dip. Pete was as obsessed with the tahini dip as I wa with the sun dried tomato dip!

For my entree, the choice was simple. Their menu literally had an item called “The Most Popular Vegetarian Dish in the Middle East.” Well, how can I say no to that? Plus my coworker and one of Pete’s coworkers (who is from Egypt) recommended it. The dish is actually called Koshari.


The way that I describe it is layers and layers of vegetarian deliciousness. Chickpeas, lentils, elbows, rice, and very crispy onions. Quite spicy and so flavorful. I ate about half and wrapped up the rest, which was just as good heated up the next day.

Pete’s main course was called Chicken Tawook.


The chicken was what you would imagine would be on a skewer. Served alongside cous cous that had a delicious butter flavor.

At this point, with everything tasting so amazing, we simply couldn’t pass up on dessert.


Toasted almond cake. Basically, it was like a tiramisu as far as the texture and consistency, but without the espresso flavor. This tasted like cream and almonds. See that orange sauce? That little dash of sauce might well have been the best part. It was a mango sauce and paired with the cake was just divine. This dish was completely cleared, chocolate sauce and all.

Every single morsel that we tasted at King Tut was out of this world. We could not stop obsessing to our waitresses how much we were enjoying the meal. We will definitely be repeat attenders at this and other Egyptian restaurants!

Have you ever tried Egyptian food? If so, what was your favorite dish?

Do you enjoy sampling new cuisines? Which ones?