Homemade Sunday Sauce

Growing up in my family meant pasta every Sunday for family dinner. It is one of those things I didn’t really appreciate as a kid, but now long for it. For generations, the women in my family have made their own Sunday sauce. My mom and husband always jab at me whenever I take the shortcut and buy a jar of sauce from the grocery store. Really though, this sauce recipe is so easy that buying the jar is just plain laziness! Once you’ve tried this sauce and realize how simple it is to make, you wouldn’t have it any other way.


  • 1 can of Red Pack Tomato Puree
  • 6-8 cloves of garlic
  • Olive oil
  • Fresh parsely
  • Fresh basil
  • Salt and Pepper

Start off by peeling 6 cloves of garlic and then cut them in half. Throw your garlic into a pot with some olive oil. Warm up the garlic and olive oil on the stove. Listen for the “crackle” noise of the garlic and oil. Once you hear this and smell the aroma, turn off the stove and let cool for a few minutes.

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Grab a can of Red Pack Tomato Puree. Mom says, “Red Pack, Red Pack, it’s gotta be Red Pack.”  Pour the can of Red Pack into the pot with a dash of salt, pepper, and some chopped parsley.

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Fill up the can halfway with water. This gets the extra puree off the sides of the can. Pour it into the pot. This water/sauce mixture thins the sauce a bit. Throw in a handful of fresh basil leaves.

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If you don’t have a beat up wooden spoon in your kitchen, I’m doubting your Italian heritage ;).

Let your sauce cook on medium heat until boiling, then lower heat. Continue cooking on low heat for about an hour and a half.


That’s all! How easy is that?! I like to make a big batch on Sundays and then freeze the leftovers in a mason jar. Makes it so easy to just defrost whenever we need it.


Serve over pasta, on meatballs, with stromboli, on chicken parmesan, or eggplant rollatini…really the possibilities are endless. For us…it will be baked ziti tonight and stromboli later on in the week!


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