Finding My Mommy Style

I’d like to think I was pretty darn fashionable before pregnancy. My closet is 90% J Crew with the other 10% being Madewell, Express, or Banana Republic. I’d pride myself on putting together cute outfits with some Pinterest inspiration, of course. My go-to uniform that always worked was a pair of skinny jeans, a cami, and a blazer.

Now? I’m lucky if my shirt doesn’t have drool all over it. Or so stretched out because Nash grabs the neckline and pulls. V-necks? Low cut tanks? Forget it! Unless you wanna see my boobs all over town, those shirts are out.

As far as “beauty” – I’ve never been one to wear makeup. Have never owned it. I’ve never dyed my hair. Always lived with the hippie mentality of showing your true, inner beauty.

Now? Post-pregnancy? My hair is thin and falling out all over the place. My face is a breeding ground for acne. Grays are popping up all over the place. Finding time to do my eyebrows? HA!

In my eyes, I’m basically a hot mess. (My wonderful, doting husband would beg to differ though – love you babe).

So. I did what any self-respecting person would do. I completely cleaned out my closet and drawers and declared that I needed a personal stylist.

Ok. All of that is true except I definitely cannot afford a personal stylist. But something needs to be done here!

I need to find my “mommy style.”

I’m not sure exactly where to start, but I know my mommy style needs to include the following:

  • Clothes that are easy to wash. No difficult directions or dry clean only.
  • Shirts that won’t reveal too much when I’m holding the baby. Every time I lift him up, it seems to drag my shirt lower and lower.
  • Simple, but still stylish.
  • Classic pieces that are versatile and will stand the test of time.
  • Pants. Pants. Pants. As much as I love skirts, I am sitting with him on the floor A LOT.

So far, I have a couple of pieces on my wishlist.

1. A classic, sleeveless Chambray dress. Yes, I recognize that I just declared PANTS PANTS PANTS but this is just so simple. Perfect for the summer but can also be worn in the fall with a blazer and booties or even in the spring with a light cardigan. Chambray never goes out of style.

chambray 22. Button downs/popovers. While I can never seem to look as fashionable as the J Crew models do, I’m really liking the simplicity of this gingham popover tucked into pants with the sleeves rolled up. I think I can pull that off.

green3. Muscle Tank and Jeans. YES YES YES. Shirt has a high enough neckline that my tots won’t be in yo’ face. And there’s nothing wrong with adding another pair of skinny jeans to my collection, right?

jeans 2

So I’m going to start there. But I’m definitely waiting for a sale before making any moves, ya heard?

What constitutes your “mommy style”?


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