Ten Baby Registry Must Haves

When my husband and I registered for our bridal shower, we went with a lot of items that we FELT we should go with. Just because we had seen other people do it or read about them on stupid registry lists. Now we’re left with knife sharpeners, bundt pans, and carafes that we’ll never use. I wanted to be a little smarter with the baby registry.

We poured over every item. Researching brands, reading reviews, considering if it would really fit with what we needed. But let me preface all of this by saying:


Different things work for different babies. You have to try things out. Sometimes they work. Sometimes they don’t. And it sucks because you’re literally dumping money into stuff your baby might hate!

With that preface, I will say that these 10 items were LIFE SAVERS the first few months of Nash’s life. They come highly recommended from a first time mom who had no idea that more than one type of onesie existed until the day Nash was born.

So here we go, in no particular order:

1. Rock and Play: I saw this on probably every “registry must-have” list and had no idea what it was. Basically, it’s heaven sent. It’s the place where you put the baby when you have to pee. Or make yourself something to eat. Or just need to rest your arms for a hot second. For 2 months, this was the only place Nash would sleep. He HATED being flat and preferred the incline of the Rock and Play. At two months, we transitioned him from the Rock and Play to his crib but still used it for naps. God send!

rp2. Side Snap Onesies: At our hospital, this is what they dressed the baby in. A side snap onesie, diaper, and a swaddle blanket at all times. We had bought the most adorable ever take home outfit. When it came time to go home, I was terrified of putting something over the baby’s head! Go ahead, laugh it up, but we were new parents and the shirt hole just seemed way too teensy tiny to fit over Nash’s head without doing serious damage. So we literally took him home in the side snap onesie from the hospital, pants, and lot of blankies. Then immediately went out to buy copious amounts of side snap onesies in every size.

sso3. Dr. Brown’s Formula Pitcher: A new mommy friend recommended this to me after I had given birth. This is probably the most used item that is on this list. We use it every single day to make a large batch of formula. This way, we can make several bottles at once or just pour from the pitcher when needed. Saves us soooo much time. Plus, then we weren’t shaking every bottle as we made it, creating all that extra air which leads to HICCUPS. And hiccups lead to WAKING UP YOUR NAPPING BABY. No thanks.

fp4. Wubbanub: Another one that popped up on registry lists everywhere. Nash loves this thing. He actually doesn’t take a pacifier, but he enjoys chewing on this and playing with it. He often naps with it and cuddles up to it. It’s become a cannot-leave-home-without-it item in our house and we actually just recently bought a second one.

wub5. Salt Lamp: The salt lamp is a genius item. When you have a new baby, you’ll be getting up quite often in the night. SO SLEEP NOW OR FOREVER HOLD YOUR PEACE. Sorry, had to get that off my chest. But yea this is a great item because you won’t have to put on the blaring light at 3 a.m. We’d put on the salt lamp before bed each night and it lets out a rather soft glow that was just enough for diaper changes and feedings.

sl6. Onesies with Mitten Cuffs: Little babies have sharp, fast growing finger nails that you will be terrified to cut with little baby nail trimmers. As the baby starts exploring with their hands, they scratch themselves in the face, sometimes pretty deep! These onesies were great for our winter born baby because they took the place as mittens to keep him warm, but also kept him from gouging scratching himself.

mc7. Playmat: We were really big on buying items that would grow with the baby. We knew we wanted a tummy time mat and loved this option that changes into a ball pit when your baby is old enough to sit up. Nash loved looking up at the hanging sea creatures, practicing tummy time, and playing with his toys while on this mat.


8. Diaper Genie: This was an item that we debated. We kinda thought….do we really need this thing? Can’t we just throw them in the garbage? Sure. If you want your house to reek of pee! Trust me, YOU NEED THIS! It totally keeps the odor at bay and is easy to use.


9. Microwave Sanitizer: We use this EVERYDAY! Sterilizing bottles stressed me out when I was pregnant. I’d hear stories about boiling bottles each time after use and would wonder when I’d ever sleep again. Luckily, this sterilizer came into my life! It’s so easy to use. Rinse all the bottle parts, put in the sterilizer with 6oz of water, and put in the microwave for 2 minutes. Done!


10. Cloth Diapers: EVERYONE told me to buy cloth diapers. I was like, um that’s weird I’m using disposable. But we don’t use them as diapers! We use them as a cloth to cover the changing pad cover. Hmm you’re probably wondering, “Why do I need a cover to cover a cover?” BECAUSE YOU DO! Because babies pee and poop all over as you’re changing them and you’d go crazy if you had to change the changing pad cover every two seconds. Because they’re expensive! These are cheap! Buy a couple of 6 packs and you’ll be good to go. I’m talking about beer of course.cdSo there ya have it! These were/are our essentials and I hope they help you as much as they’ve helped us.

What were your registry must-haves?


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