The Italian Diaries – Sorrento


When I close my eyes, I can still see it. I can still hear it.

When we first walked onto the streets of Sorrento, Pete said, “This is exactly what I pictured Italy to be like.”

Picture a narrow alleyway. You see people up ahead, so you follow. All of a sudden, that alleyway opens up into a long avenue filled with shops. Overhead are flags of various countries flying proudly.


Every store sells limoncello and every store owner is inviting you in to have a sip. It’s really no wonder, as the lemon trees grow wild – in some places, right over your head.


We sit down at an outdoor café and order a few pizzas. Al fresco. It is the most amazing thing you will ever eat. Nothing can now ever compare to this pizza you’ve eaten.


Everyone is friendly and wants to learn about where you are from, your background, and what brings you to their great city.


Peek down any of the hundreds of side streets to be greeted with a beautiful site. An old church. A bountiful garden. You never know what you’ll find tucked away.

Church in Sorrento

The lemons are sold in crates on the street and are triple the size of American lemons. No wonder the limoncello is so flavorful. And potent. And everywhere.

Lemons of Sorrento to Make Limoncello

At night the streets come alive with vendors and artists. Spray painters draw the biggest crowds, making creations that only they can envision while they play house music to inspire them.

Street Artist in Sorrento

Stop by Parrucchiano for dinner. You really can’t go wrong with your order.

PicMonkey Collage

Cannelloni on the left. Gnocchi on the right. In the center is what I’ll claim to be the best appetizer on earth. Only…I can’t remember what it is called. Imagine a fried dough, like a zeppole but without the sugar. And inside a sweet, pink tomato cream sauce. It’s heavenly.

Watch out, Parrucchiano. 10 year anniversary – we’re coming to you for our vow renewal.

Spending the Day in Sorrento

Don’t forget to stop for gelato before you leave! You’ll have no trouble finding gelaterias along the streets.

Gelato in Sorrento


Next stop…Capri!


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