The Italian Diaries – Capri

Can you believe this picture has #nofilter?! 


This, my friends, is the stunning island of Capri. Pronounced in Italy as KA-pri, this island sports rocky beaches, cliffside highways, stunning boat rides, and high-end shopping.


Having been to Capri a couple of times, I can tell you that my favorite part is the boat ride around the island.


You’ll get to see caves filled with colors, the three most popular being the green grotto, the blue grotto, and the white grotto. (Grotto meaning cave).


Coral, which is sold to the affluent vacationers, lines the rocks.


You’ll get to pass right through the Faraglioni, which Capri is famous for.


 They literally drive you right through that opening in the rock on the left!


However, what Capri is MOST known for is the Blue Grotto. The “Grotta Azzura” is a cave that you can only get into by boat at certain times of day, depending on the tide. If the tide is cooperating, you will face a line of boats so deep that it will take you hours to get inside, if you get inside at all. There is no method to the line, complete chaos rather, so it is a choice you have to make when visiting. Wait and lose precious time exploring with the possibility of not getting in. Or, wait, and possibly get in to see the reflections of the blue water sparkling all around the cave.


When you actually arrive on the island, you’ll find the beaches packed. There are two main beaches, Marina Piccolo and Marina Grande (small and big, respectively). However, they are quite uncomfortable to sunbathe on, as the “sand” is actually rocks. That doesn’t stop the locals and tourists though, who are there to bask in the magnificence.


If you want to go to the top of the island, called Anacapri, you need to take the Funiculare. This is the “train” that the famous song Funiculi, Funicula is based on. Basically it is a monorail of sorts that is extremely steep, but it takes you quickly to the top of the island, which is filled with expensive boutique hotels and shopping.


Based on my experience, we were never too impressed with the restaurants on the island. Anacapri is out of range in regards to affordable dining, lodging, and shopping. The marinas are lovely, but again uncomfortable and the restaurants are not the best.


But you simply cannot beat the boat ride around the island and the stunning views you will encounter.


Next stop…Amalfi!